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Danny Crossman Prosolve Consulting
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We provide independent, professional mediation of all types of conflicts, disputes and problems.

Danny Crossman has 20 years experience in successfully mediating resolution of workplace, commercial, planning, management, harassment, health care, family and organisation issues. He has undertaken extensive training in mediation and conflict resolution, and developed his own specialist process ‘Shared Solutions™’.

Danny is highly skilled at dealing with disputes involving intense emotion, interpersonal complications and entrenched positions. He is able to elicit cooperation and movement from parties in difficult situations where more traditional mediation approaches may not succeed. Danny facilitates open and honest communication between all participants. He enables people to engage in constructive dialogue and develop a shared understanding of each other’s needs. Danny assists people to explore and evaluate a range of options and then synthesise these into an outcome they can all support. The benefits are resolution of conflict, enhanced relationships for the future and commitment to the outcome.