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Danny Crossman Prosolve Consulting
Danny Ensure constructive, successful negotiations.


Prosolve Consulting has developed a complete, step-by-step model for negotiating agreements, based on our ‘Shared Solutions’ methodology.  We facilitate high quality negotiation processes that ensure successful, constructive, cost-effective negotiations and optimum outcomes. You avoid costly setbacks and conflict. 

We can add value to your negotiations:

  1. Design a negotiation strategy and process plan for your particular situation.
  2. Develop effective consultation and communication channels.
  3. Facilitate negotiation sessions to establish constructive dialogue and work efficiently through items to meet your time-line.
  4. Maintain a running draft of the text as it develops during the negotiations, and email to parties after each session.
  5. Analyse data and identify all causal factors of the problems involved.
  6. Assist parties’ representatives to understand each other’s underlying interests and needs.
  7. Generate potential solution options that can meet parties’ needs.
  8. Help you bridge seemingly intractable positions with the other parties.
  9. Design an outcome that is acceptable to all parties.
  10. Resolve any outstanding issues.