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Danny Crossman Prosolve Consulting
Danny Specialist, problem-solving process.

Problem solving

Advice, assistance and strategy for solving complex problems or achieving difficult change, using the Shared Solutions™ model.

We facilitate creative, problem solving sessions and workshops, enabling managers to analyse and discuss complex issues, explore options and create integrated outcomes supported by the group. You gain participative discussion and effective process – ideal when you want to workshop an issue, generate new ideas, enhance teamwork, plan for the future, gain consensus or solve a difficult problem.

Problem solving assistance can include:

  • Advice and strategy on how to solve the problem.
  • Designing the optimum process for solving your particular problem situation.
  • Independent consultation with participants to understand and analyse their particular concerns.
  • Analysing the problem and developing a shared understanding of the differing underlying interests.
  • Exploring the full range of potential solution options.
  • Designing an outcome that best meets the needs of all interests, and drafting an agreed text.

The benefits of using our problem solving process include:

  • Achieving successful and constructive outcomes to difficult and contentious problems.
  • Optimising buy-in and commitment to the outcomes from all interest groups.
  • Demonstrating efficient and cost effective management of the problem situation.
  • Strengthening communication and relationships between participants.
  • Developing the problem solving skills of participants.