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Danny The 7-Step process for solving problems
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Shared Solutions™

We all have issues to deal with every day. Handling a difficult boss or colleague. Trying to achieve organisation change that people will really support. Coping with an uncooperative friend or family member. Trying to solve complex social issues. These are all challenging activities that can easily go very wrong. Often, we’re not sure how to proceed; we may give up, or try but just end up in conflict. So, how can we solve these problems successfully?

There is a way to resolve issues successfully, every time. We have developed a 7-step process called Shared Solutions™. Through constructive dialogue and synthesis of differing views, people design an outcome that meets their needs. They share the solution so feel committed to it and also strengthen their relationships.

With the Shared Solutions™ model, you will be able to resolve conflicts, negotiate agreements, make decisions, solve problems and achieve change. For the first time, Shared Solutions™ provides a step-by-step, generic process for positively managing any difficult situation.

The book

The Shared Solutions™ book outlines the 7 steps needed to resolve issues and solve problems successfully. It covers everything from resolving tensions with colleagues through to solving complex international problems. This book shows you how you can deal successfully with almost all the issues in your daily life.

Presentations & group sessions

Learn how to use Shared Solutions™ to deal with your issues through our presentations and group sessions. These are tailored to your requirements and are participative and practical. Use Shared Solutions™ to workshop an issue, generate new ideas, plan for the future, solve a difficult problem, enhance teamwork, gain consensus, or move the organisation/unit forward.